How To Make Facebook Productive

Every college student knows that being on Facebook wastes a lot of valuable time. Facebook has become a bad habit for most of us. You may find yourself going to FB when you first open your web browser or pick up your phone. In fact, 50% of 18 – 24 year olds check FB when they wake up and the average user spends 700 minutes every month on Facebook. Is it actually possible to be productive on FB for these 700 minutes? I think so. Here are 3 tips to take back your time:

1. Unfollow “Friends”

We all have people on FB whom we don’t care about or don’t really know. We accepted their friend request only out of courtesy. These people clutter your news feed and prevent you from reading posts you actually care about. Next time you see these people on your feed, tap the arrow on the top-right of the post and select “Unfollow [Fake Friend]”. You won’t be bothered again.

2. Like and Follow News Sources

You are up-to-date about your friends, but when was the last time you got an update about the world? Many companies and news sources have a strong Facebook presence. Replace unfollowed “friends” with companies, products, and news you care about. Vice News, NPR, Mother Jones, TechCrunch, Inc, and Entrepreneur are some of the companies I follow on FB.

3. Form and Join Groups

FB “Groups” are a great way to organize your friends around events, and to meet people who share similar interests. When I was traveling in Hong Kong, my friends organized a private FB group to share travel plans. It made it easier to coordinate trips and book flights! You can find public groups by using the FB search bar. Public groups exist for almost any interest, personal and professional, and can be specific to your geographic area.